Dmitry Zenin

Upon graduation from G. V. Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics, Moscow in 2003 Dmitry Zenin has been affiliated with major investment businesses in Russia such as OJSC SUAL -Holding, Renova Management AG, OJSC IES Holding, etc. Dmitry’s main focus has been on the management of cash flows and current liquidity, financial planning and management of corporate finances.

Dmitry focuses on banking and financial issues. He has been part of various teams advising on cross-border finance projects, operation of payment systems and e-payment processes, and on structuring elaborate financial transactions. He has experience advising on various financial aspects of Treasury and Financial planning and assurance of methodological integrity in financial planning and implementation.

Dmitry also advises on financial aspects of accessing the Russian markets, interaction with the professional society, regulatory and financial aspects of M&A transactions in the industry, etc.